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You tell them Horton. Choose Life!

Dr. Seuss was pro choice, his wife still sues pro life organizations for using this phrase against their wishes (Horton was about post-WWII treatment of Japan, not abortion), and his estate still continues to donate to Planned Parenthood. so by supporting his works you’re subsequently supporting pro choice organizations. thanks! <3

An important analysis: “The book was written in 1954, long before Roe v. Wade[…] The Whos are not groups of cells, after all: they are sentient, independent people with their own society, even a mayor. Their small size is a metaphor, you see (trust the anti-abortion crowd to take a parable literally). Seuss is making a point about people who are different, and the ignorance that keeps others from metaphorically not seeing or hearing them.” 
Bam. (source)

Always and forever Pro Choice :)
And of course loving Dr.  Seuss is a given ❤

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When you get resin all over you while in the process of trying to unclog your bowl..

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When you see a status from someone you’ve secretly been head over heels for for years and realize that you’re really nothing to them but a memory from their old life that they’d rather forget…

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when you and ya bestfriend say something at the exact same time

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clothes should not be considered on sale if they’re still more than $20


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I just don’t even know. I love Desi with all my heart, she’s practically my sister. But never, in a billion years did I think I would EVER find her making out with the guy I told her I love, on her car. I literally felt my heart snap in two…
I forgave her the first time for the T thing, but I’m pretty sure I can’t deal a second time… WHY? ?

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Sent this msg on MeetMe. Must check it out

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Sent this msg on MeetMe. Must check it out

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I guess it’s good that you’re not interested in a relationship right now…even if I had the slightest chance with you, I’d more than likely fuck it up within a matter of minutes anyway. You deserve so much better than me.
You’re pretty much the guy I’ve always dreamed of. It’s just too bad (for me) that someone like you is way too good for someone like me…
The fantasy was nice while it lasted though…